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We absolutely love LOYAL people and would love to show our appreciation by giving you a loyalty bonus!! 


Book with us and stay a minimum of 100 room nights* and you will receive a $25 Visa/MasterCard Loyalty Gift Card. Then for every 100 room nights stays after that, that you book with us, we will continue to send you a $25 Visa/MasterCard Gift Card to say thanks for being loyal! 


We really want to send the gift card to the person who submits the requests to us, so if you are the office person submitting the requests, the employee, the foreman of the crew or the business owner... we want to reward whoever takes the few mins to submit that request, because we want to reward you for your loyalty, why... because you keep coming back over and over and booking with us!!! Go shopping, go out for lunch, get your morning coffee... however you would like to use it, ENJOY! 


Also, tell others and refer them to us and we will send you referral bonuses too!! Sharing is caring! Share with us your leads and we will share some extra $$ with you! 

Room Requests or "per room nights" count under whichever Pre-Set Preference Application it was booked under.  So if you book under a Company name, all rooms booked under that Companies Pre-Set Preference Application (and we are using the same CC on file) will add up to count towards your bonus. 

If a person who was within a Company account now books separately and no longer is booking under that company - their rooms will not switch over, they will need to set up and complete their own Pre-Set Preference Application with their new information and credit card and then those new bookings will be added to that account and all previous bookings will stay with the Company account or name they were booked under. 

Be ethical and keep this positive so we can continue the Referral and Loyalty Bonuses going! We have the right to dis-continue or change the program at anytime or for anyone, without notice. You can always check this page for current rules and guidelines and our agreement for FREE services and Referral/Loyalty Bonuses with you or your company can be cancelled at anytime - this is a voluntary service. So please always be respectful to us, the hotels/motels and not be a high maintenance client.  This is intended to be an "Easy for you, Easy for us Service."

*Each room night counts individually - for example 5 rooms for 7 nights is 35 rooms towards your 100. Also the 100 rooms must be within a 12 month period to count towards Loyalty Bonuses.  


We look forward to booking your next rooms and making your life easier, besides sending you some amazing bonuses!!

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