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*Must sign up between Now and January 15th, 2019 and have 50 room night stays within 120 days of signing up to qualify for the $100 bonus!!

We absolutely love referrals and would love to show our appreciation by giving you a referral bonus!! 



- Refer a qualifying client (Basically - people who stay in hotels or motels more often than others)

- Submit Referral Bonus Request

- Once they stay 50 room nights, you qualify for the $25 Visa/MasterCard Gift Card referral bonus!

- Referral Bonuses are mailed out with-in 30 days of the check-out date of the qualifying booking

- Spend it however you want! 


Refer someone or a company to us and once they sign up to use our FREE service, book and stay a minimum of 50 room nights, we will then send you your referral bonus within 30 days of their check-out date after they have reached their 50 room nights. YAY!! - Yep! That is it!


We probably all know someone who travels for work or knows someone who talked about someone who travels for work... contact them and get the details of who they work for or who makes the booking decisions and maybe you know several!! The more you send the more you make! Now you are thinking 50 room nights!? Yes, 50 room nights. We are looking for those people who travel for work and will book often for our client base, but think of it this way... a small crew of 14 usually needs 7 rooms and then if its for 7 nights, that is 49 room nights... then the next booking you now just qualified for our referral bonus!! Or a crew of 6, needs 3 rooms for 5 nights a week - then in less than a month you will qualify for your referral bonus! FREE Perks for just a simple Referral - How great is that!?

Now, there are 2 ways for your referral to count, submit your referral before they sign up within 30 days or they can put your name or your special referral number (you had requested from us) on their pre-set preference application.  If they submit a name or code at the time of sign up, you will also be allowed to submit your referral requests within 15 days after they sign up and not just within the 30 days before. If you are registered with us as a continued referrer and have a code set up, we will have your contact information and we will contact you via the email we have on file - stating someone with your code just signed up and we need you to complete the referral link quickly.  We have no control over who they enter as their referral person on the form - so if they do not write your name or code and they write someone else down or they write nothing down and you did not have your request in first, it will go to who they wrote down or be exempt from any claims to that person or company.  

Be ethical and keep this positive so we can continue the Referral and Loyalty Bonuses going! We have the right to dis-continue or change the program at anytime, without notice. You can always check this page for current rules and guidelines and our agreement for FREE services and Referral/Loyalty Bonuses with you or your company can be cancelled at anytime - this is a voluntary service. So please always be respectful to us, the hotels/motels and not be a high maintenance client.  This is intended to be an "Easy for you, Easy for us Service."

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