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Welcome to REQUEST ROOMS! 

We are here to make your life easier! After booking many hotel/motel rooms for on-the-road workers, who travel a lot, I realized sometimes it can be quite a pain to always look, find a hotel, book it, deal with the faxing a copy of my ID, a copy of my CC, complete this form and complete that form, oh and we need a cc for deposit too, before they would allow our workers to even check in - and of course they were ready to just relax and shower after a long day of work - sometimes even at 10 o'clock at night...The foreman's did not want to deal with it... they were busy all day working, so they didn't line up anything either... so then I would get the call... "Can you please look and see what you can find in this location and then can you contact the hotel for us and handle it ... please?" Usually they have a group of guys and sometimes multiple trucks and they just don't want to go motel to motel checking availability or call each place and yes, they have google and cell phones, just like I do... but it is something they just don't want to add to their list of to do's... well... Corporate Travelers have their go to why don't you? Why can't you? 

Well, now you can and do!! Our services are FREE to you!! Yep, FREE TO YOU!! You're thinking... why would you do that!? Well, as a Travel Agent/Consultant also, I am compensated by the vendors we use. You are not - when you book, I am because of my sales potential and connections within the travel world. The prices you see online already have a consultant fee/percentage already built in, even those .coms booking sites, but - when you book on your own... you are just waving that service and now you have to manage everything and call those 800 numbers - with the long holds and do it all yourself. Yep, you. Why would you want to? I don't know why you would either - there is no point to give up a FREE service that can make your life easier? I'm thinking you only have cause.... you just haven't heard of us yet! I'll be honest I seen an area that is very under serviced - how did I see it?... because I'm a fellow business owner who has booked these rooms for people who don't have that person to do it for them either... most agents don't or wont want to just book hotel rooms cause the money is low.... like real low... we would rather do big vacation packages to Hawaii or Europe, but in bulk it starts looking up - bulk?... yes with all of you workers on the road, from Construction Workers, Road Workers, Windmill builders, Tech workers, Social Media Vlog Post-ers, there are so many people now days that travel all over and stay in hotels, like its your second home... but you are not Corporate Workers with Corporate Travel Perks.... So we want you, we want to help you cause we feel you should get the same benefits as those Corporate Travelers get, because you work hard too! Don't get me wrong we will help Corporate Travelers too - if you don't have or don't like who you are using now, we are here to also assist you with our FREE service.


We will make it simple! Send us your quick request, we will find you a room by your pre-set preferences and send you a text with the info and email you a receipt for your tax write off. I literally get a message - that took them like 1 minute to give me the needed info and its out of their hands, because I now know all all their standards, so I know exactly what to be looking for when booking for them where ever they are working this week.... We are keeping it simple remember... if you are picky and need multiple choices - please use the online booking services out there and scroll through the massive options. If you want what fits your list without the extra headache, we can help!


Now, sometimes you pay at time of booking (best way to prevent needing the CC at the hotel, if its for your employees and we have some vendors require pre-payment) and sometimes they will charge your card for the amount at the hotel or motel (which if you don't mind showing the card at the hotel, we can go that route too - or motels sometimes let us do the pay at the property option, without the card present, as its in the system when I put on the hold) - your employees should not have to have this card for the room portion of the booking, as I already will have it entered and in the system for them - because remember - you don't want to deal with all the paperwork of providing CC authorizations etc if you wont be present with the actual card, so we will help you as much as we can to try to avoid this... but of course in the higher up chain hotels (not so much we see on the cheaper motels) they will need a cc provided in-person for the incidental charges - your employees can use their own cc's or you can give them a cc to have with them for these holds or charges - it does not need to be the one we booked your rooms under.  They highly recommend you use a CC, not a Debit Card, as it will actually take the money and bounce the holds and not just authorize the card to make sure the money is available like if you use a credit card. We would be glad to help you with some suggestions to get a CC for your employees to cover those pesky incidental holds and charges we cant seem to get away from. Also, if it comes down to it and we can not get away from it, we will assist you with getting the CC authorization form to cover the deposits, if you have multiple rooms or long stays and the deposit will end up being to high for the employees card to handle. We will obtain the form or get the link and send it over to you to sign. We are here to make things as easy as they will allow us to and help you every step of the way! 


We at Request Rooms - will never charge your card. We do not accept payments. Our services are FREE to you. We supply it to the vendors - sometimes its the hotel/motel, sometimes it's one of our travel partners at Expedia and sometimes its another amazing Vendor we book rooms through. We pick the best option to use for each individual booking and they will charge your card and that is the name you will see on your statements. 


Yes, we are looking for people who are looking to book several times a year or maybe even weekly. Like I said we need to work on volume to make this service work. Don't get me wrong, if you are one of our regular clients and always book with us and hey you just need a quick room for a night - of course we will help you, as you are a continuous booker.  Anything to make your life easier. We are also defiantly looking for those crews of 6, 10, 20 etc... who need multiple rooms all the time all over the US. This is not your book a room one night a year kind of service... unless you are for one night for like 3 or 6 rooms (just an example). We are looking for workers who travel often - maybe not all the time, but a good amount - even if you are just one person, needing one room, but that one room several days of the year - we want to help!

To Start, yes ...we do need you to do alittle work.... complete the Pre-Set Preference Form, so we know who you are and what you like and are looking for... we need to get into your head to find the rooms you like - it will take you only a couple mins (it took me 2 mins to complete it)  and you will also need to submit the secure CC authorization form to get it saved encrypted into our system.... then after that... even more easy peasy… You can go to our site and complete the quick request form, or save our number in your phone and text us (super easy option) - or if you are an email type person or you are an amazing office person and want some extra minutes in the day to do other things and just want to drop us a quick email for your request...and get the loyalty perks...(to take your spouse out for lunch, buy a nice new shirt or a cup of coffee), that's totally fine too.. We are here to make your life easier and share some of the benefits for partnering with us! 

Also... we want to reward awesome people who refer people to us! We also want to reward the company or that office person for using us... or even you - if you book your own travel! So! Check out our referral and loyalty program! Yes! We want to reward you for using our service or teaching others about our service! 

ATTENTION Business owners... You can also promote us as a company perk like the 401k or Insurance benefits, if you have your employees book their own rooms with their per diem... Like I said this is under serviced market... offer your employees a FREE service to book their rooms for them - we are just a text away, so they can just focus on their jobs they are away for!


I look forward to making your life easier!

Your new friend, 

Michelle Brown

Owner and Creator of

REQUEST ROOMS a division of WTA 

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