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Do I need a CC at the hotel upon check in?

Most Hotels - Need a CC at the hotel at check-in for incidentals or a pre-authorization form needs to be completed.

Most Motels - Do not seem to need a CC at the hotel at check-in for incidentals - each vary though.

We will assist you with this - if you let us know it may be an issue, as you have employees checking in etc. 

We will help you come up with some options that will best assist you and your situation - even if its completing the CC Authorization form with the hotel.

With the Hotels - we will choose the pre-paid options (Unless you request otherwise) that way you should not need the card for the hotel portion of the booking. 

With cheaper Motels - we can choose pay a the hotel and they will usually just process the card we put on file, without actually seeing the card. 

Do we pay more using your company to book our rooms?

We sure hope not! Prices are different all across the internet, just like anything you can buy. Our company books with trusted travel partners/vendors when we make your bookings. We pick options with competitive rates and sometimes its the famous .coms you see on tv or online.  Our services are FREE to you. We do not charge you anything to utilize our services. Each pricing you see out there on any of the .com's etc... there is already a fee/commission built in for you to utilize our services.  As we are Licensed to sell travel as a Travel Agent/Consultants.  If you book on your own, all you are doing is waving our FREE service to help you and advocate for you, besides saving you time searching and booking etc.  Plus we offer referral and loyalty perks! 

Is this new? Why will you book this for us for FREE?

Travel Agents are not new, we have been around for many years, but most travel agents do not book just hotels. Maybe if you already booked a package, but otherwise no. We like to book packages to like Hawaii or Europe etc. There is not very much money in booking just hotel rooms - I'm talking low money... some bookings we only make as little as $4 a room per night, some pay more depending on the price and vendor/supplier. This is why we want to keep the process simple for you and us and we want to book for people in volume. The ones who stay all week or month, the ones who have crews of guys on the road and need multiple rooms at a time for multiple nights. This is how it starts being possible to do. ​

How do you know what I want?

You will complete a Pre-Set Preferences Form, which will outline what you are interested in for preferences... the more detailed you are and type in the boxes info that would really help... like I always want the cheapest motel you can find, I do not care if its a little shady - my guys are fine with it... ok we will look for that... if you say I will stay no where without a continental breakfast or maybe a hot breakfast.... note that. I want my hotel room to always be top notch, no 80's bed spreads.... all white and luxurious. We will look for that.... then as time goes on - you may be able to narrow it down more and we will update your preferences to make sure its included next time. The more we book, the more we will know you.

Why are you doing this if there is not a lot of money in it?

I see a need, just like the toothpick. I have booked hotel and motel rooms for all sorts of types of guys who work on the road. I get how hard it is to get it all set up, I get how its sometimes difficult to find the time, the person to do it and a location that will even take certain types of people.  I book multiple rooms at a time for multiple days and months for jobs all over. This is no different than what Corporate Travelers have available to them... the only difference is I am now working with everyday hardworking individuals and crews who really deserve to have the same options available to them. I see how this can be helpful to many and I want to be the one who offers it to you!

Why should we book with you?

Why... because we are experience travel agents/consultants looking to partner with you - we want to make your life easier so you have more time to work and make more money and we want to help allow business owners more time to grow their businesses and not deal with this time consuming task that does not make them money. It not only helps you, but it also helps us grow our business too! We really want to continue to offer travel services to hard working busy individuals, who just don't have their own person to help them with this task, because we love people, we love travel and we love helping! Plain and simple! 

If the money is so low, why give referral and loyalty bonuses?

Good question: because we are looking for a certain clientele. Yes, we can drive around hotels and motels, looking for names on trucks, we can place Facebook ads... which we also do... do a lot of cold calling, but that all takes time and money. So instead of spending money on all this advertisement and time looking for clients... why not allow people like you who already know the people or actually continue to book with us and be loyal... why not give that money to you!! You help us make the money, so why not share! 

How do I even get started using Request Rooms?

First complete the Hotel Pre-Set Preference Form (on the home page - it's the tab that says:  SIGN UP HERE!) Next complete the Credit Card Authorization Form (it is at the bottom of the Pre-Set Preference Form page) Then contact us with your room requests by clicking the Room Request Form link (also at the bottom of the Pre-Set Preference Form page or on the home page) or you can email us at: or text us at 1.507.320-4320 - You can call, but chances are we are on the phone talking with some of our vendors, clients or maybe even out of the country traveling - so it is usually faster to message us, as we can then multi-task while on a call when we are on hold or we can get to it once we had a chance to check our messages.  Then when you do your next requests you do not have to do the first couple steps, you just need to submit the Room Request form, email or text each time, because we will already have your preferences and card information! Super Easy!

How much in advance do I need to give notice for my bookings?

If you know in advance, please tell us. We would like at least 24-48 hours in advance if possible... if you know a week or a month in advance, we will absolutely take that too.... Yes, we book even 15 minutes before they are walking in the door or even when the motel or hotel is waiting for them to leave, but they need one or two more days yet cause the job took longer than planned.... we can do that ... we will do that if you are our ongoing client.... but, do we want to do that all the time... No. We don't want to be making all these 8 pm or 10 pm bookings - just like you don't want to work that late either. Chances are someone knew earlier in the day that tonight - I need a room here... send us the quick message and then continue working.... We have a life too, we want to eat an uninterrupted dinner too,  we want to go to bed and travel too.... and to multiple countries with different time zones other than the US and like you.... we travel for work or can travel and work at the same time, so the more notice the better, so we can also accomplish many things and book your rooms when we are available. 


Final thoughts: 

As you see we are pretty detailed and try to be very transparent. We are not here to keep things a secret and not show you respect. I know for me, I have worked with all sorts of people in my careers over the me I think I have came across all walks of life and we are not here to judge.  If you tell us your guys are extra festive in the evenings and we need to plan for this, or everyone is so OCD, the hotel needs to be amazing.... we can help you. So don't be shy when it comes to being honest. We are here to help each other, by forming a partnership and each one does their own part and we both are rewarded in the process. Isn't that how life should be!?

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